About Us

Chairman's Message

Greetings and welcome to GLOBINACO SDN BHD

I have the honor to introduce to you that our company has been in the construction industry since 1990. The prime business is to provide road, water, werage, and other infrastructure services in Sabah and Malaysia. With a pool of dedicated and highly qualified professional, we are committed for the highest level of quality jobs through the latest technology such as GPS, GIS and Information Technology.

I am proud to say that our company is not only technology inclined, but also dedicated to total customer satisfaction, and our reputation is reflected by the achievement of ISO 9000:2001 in the scope of road maintenance works.

Our core value in honesty, dedication and trustworthiness have earned and generated a strong reputation among our customers and business partners. Our respect and care have attracted the most talented employees in the industry to work in our organization. The combination of the latest technologies and the human capital, we strive to build a powerful team of network to deliver the best services to our clients. We always believe that life-time learning and continuous improvement is the key for growth. With this connection, I invite you to visit our website.

IMS Policy

Globinaco Sdn Bhd (GLOB) was established in 1990, and involved in civil engineering, road construction and other infrastructure-related projects. Since 2004, the Company has ventured into providing road maintenance services for the Sabah State Government in order to meet and satisfy the public and Government needs and requirements. The top management of GLOB has strived to provide excellent works and services to the public and Government by meeting or exceeding expectations.

GLOB also strives to preserve and protect the environment and provide a conducive and safe working environment to its workers and subcontractors who work under GLOB’s control.

In order to achieve these objectives, GLOB has committed towards achieving Quality, Safety & Health and Environmental Conservation and Pollution Reduction through:

Growing awareness among the workers and subcontractors in complying with the customer as well as the regulatory and other requirements; mitigate and prevent pollution, injury and ill health and provide a safe & healthy environment.
Leading the Industry by providing the prompt services whenever needs arise; reduce the potential pollution, incident and accident at the work place.
Observe the opportunities for continual improvement and ensure the effectiveness of the IMS.
Be consistent in its quality works delivered to customer through continual monitoring and measurement, ensure on time delivery and cost effectiveness for each project carried out. Minimizing pollution and safety and health in
workplace is prioritized.

Our Objectives

  • Having a monthly accounts department meeting
  • Prompt payment to supplier, sub contractor
    - Discount Supplier – ASAP, maximum 30 days.
    - Credit Terms Supplier – based on credit terms, 1 week before due date.
    - Sub contractor – after received payment from government and release payment to sub contractor within 30 days
  • Keep all statutory required document in proper and order manner for 7 years.
  • Monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet submission to top management.
  • Monthly Sub Accounts Meeting & Presentation.
Corporate Planning, Human Resource & Administration
  • To renew, upgrade and comply licensing requirements from the authorities on yearly basis
  • To maintain cleanliness and security of the building and compound on weekly basis through 5S.
  • To provide minimum of 7 hours training per staff for every year excluding labourer category. Training for labourer as & when required.
  • To submit the routine maintenance claim by 1st week of the following month
Information Technology
  • To provide a secured server information system with regular back-up systems on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Operation & Engineering
  • To complete 99% of routine maintenance jobs with respect to the approved, activities, programs on monthly, half yearly or yearly cycle
  • To complete the pothole patching maintenance within 3 days upon detection.
  • To response all the complaints within 24 hour effective from 1/Oct/2006.
  • For routine sub-con, monthly assessment will be conducted (passing = 6 marks). For periodic & emergency, project assessment will be conducted up completion (60%).
  • To complete 95% work done of the approved annual periodic & emergencies projects within the predetermine period
  • To submit the progress report by the 15th of every following month
Procurement & Mechanical
  • To achieve 82% marks (scale of 100%) of supplier yearly score report among the suppliers.
  • To achieve less than 4 cases of supplier non-conformance (wrongly deliver, pricing, unable to deliver, late delivery, material damage…etc) per month per district.
  • To receive quotations from at least two different suppliers to ensure all purchasing of new products are competitive, within budgeted cost and acceptable quality.
  • To minimize breakdown response time. (Major: Car - less than 10 days, machinery less than 25 days. Minor: Car - less than 1 day, machinery less than 3 days) & 1 day response time for general service.
Quality Management System
  • To achieve for external audit < 10 car per year
  • To achieve for internal audit < 30 car per year
  • To achieve for internal process < 10 car per year


Environmental and Safety & Health Objectives

  • Zero Accident within 1 year
  • Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) within 1 year
  • Zero Summonses within 1 year